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Central Virginia Bonsai Society Newsletter: The newsletter is a mix of news of bonsai events, seasonal tips, bonsai technique articles, bonsai philosophy, and a blow by blow description of the activities and growth of Adams' Bonsai and its proprietor, Julian R. Adams. The newsletter has been published 7 to 9 times per year since 1985 according to the local bonsai activity schedule. It is written by Julian R. Adams, usually in one evenening and emailed on the next day. The result is timely information that pertains to bonsai as practiced by a real person who grows mostly outdoor bonsai in the Virginia foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains (zone 7, maybe 6.5). One could suggest that this is a self centered, one man show. To some degree this is true. It is, I hope, the result, not of self importance, but is the nature of the benevolent dictatorship form of government that the CVBS membership seems to prefer for our organization. Comments and membership growth indicate that the system and the newsletter are working reasonably well. All words, no ads or pictures. All revenue supports CVBS bonsai activities. We have many subscribers in many states. Subscriptions (membership) is currently free. The newsletter is available by contacting Julian R. Adams.
Lynchburg, VA
Below are information sources and links that may be of interest
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Copper Wire
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International Bonsai Arboretum: A major center for bonsai education and source of Internatiional Bonsai magazine, perhaps the best English language bonsai magazine available.
MidAtlantic Bonsai Society: A confederation of bonsai clubs in the Middle atlantic region. Organizes excellent annual bonsai conventions
Bonsai Study On Tour
Published Bonsai Articles
Julian Adams is the author of numerous articles on bonsai. Through the courtesy of International BONSAI magazine, some of these articles can be seen by clicking on the titles listed below.  They are in PDF format.  These articles are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without permission of the author and International BONSAI magazine.
Pine Bonsai Foliage Control
Bonsai Worktable
Central Virginia
Bonsai Society
American Bonsai Society: A society of members which exists to educate, promote knowledge of and interest in bonsai, and to serve as a North American focal point for bonsai enthusiasts.  In fulfilling these functions ABS publishes an excellent bonsai journal and holds annual learning seminars at various North American locations. Membership in ABS helps support and raise awareness of bonsai and skill levels in the practice of bonsai art. An excellent web site and an organization wih ideals worthy of support. 
Bonsai Empire: information about the art of growing, including Bonsai propagation, care, styles, galleries and videos.