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DWARF HOSTA:  Unnamed green. This tiny dwarf hosta will grow 2-3" high in a small pot. Like all hostas it prefers shade and plenty of water. It flowers in late June on 7" stalks. Blossoms are pale lavender/white with darker lavender veining. Plants are hardy for me to 0 F with slight protection. Uniform green leaves die back in winter. Perennial. Will multiply very slowly.                 $ 6 each

QUAKER LADIES, BLUETS (Houstonia Caerulea): Bluets are one of the most satisfactory accent plants for bonsai. Native to the northeastern states and adjacent regions, they are normally found in open woods and grasslands in moderately to very acid soil. They are quite cold hardy and tolerant of dry conditions and summer heat, loving full sun, even in July. They are low plants with tiny opposite leaves and solitary flowers on long stalks. The flowers are about 1/3" across with four lavender to whitish petals with a yellow eye. Blooms appear in early spring and sometimes again in summer and early fall if well fed and watered. Blooming seems to be triggered cool weather. When not in bloom the foliage forms a neat circular clump about 1/2" high. Foliage looks good all winter. Perennial.            $ 8 each

BLOOD GRASS: An upright grass with strong red coloring in the top half of the foliage. Grows 12-18 inches high in the ground but seems quite happy in a shallow pot reducing its height to 6-12 inches. The red color intensifies at dusk. Likes full sun. A small clump can be divided to produce many plants. Foliage turns strawlike in winter and should be cut off before spring regrowth. Perennial. Hardy to 10 F with little protection. Invasive. For pots only.           $ out of stock

DWARF SEMPERVIVUM: Assorted colors and textures. Some with great blooms! Hardy. $ 6 each

DWARF HORSETAIL, Equisetum Ramosissium: Dark green primitive plant that reaches 6-8" . Cylindrical stems grow upright like grass but with joints or sections every 1/2" or so. When happy it has an unusual fruiting body. Likes damp, part shade. End sections yellow with winter cold. Hardy in zone 7.         $ 6 each

DWARF IRIS, I. crestata: 2" pale blue blooms in spring. Great foliage until fall if properly watered. Mature height about 6". Very hardy.  Shipped late winter only.  Blue: Large rhizomes $ 6, potted $8       White: Large rhizomes  $6, potted $8
DWARF SEDUM: Tiny and evergreen, smallest I've ever seen. hardy in cold zone 7. Hugs the ground and spreads happily.        $6 each
Well established in 2 inch pots. All accents are grown in my standard bonsai soil for easy transplanting. Early spring is the best time to transplant. Shipping can be done throughout the growing season but is best in late winter or early spring. Ask about other quality accents available but too few to list here.
AZALEA, Kakuo rooted cuttings: A terrific variety for bonsai, kakuo is a cross between a stsuki and a kusianum. The result is a plant with small green leaves and beautiful small blooms in light pink with darker red markings. in the interior. Maintains a good number of leaves over winter. A fast grower that quickly develops into fine small bonsai. The small blooms are in perfect proportiion for smaller bonsai.  Hardy.             $6 each

AZALEA, Chinsan: A dwarf satsuki good for tray landscapes, rock plantings, etc. Dark pink blooms late in the season. Small dark green leaves. Very hardy. 2 year rooted cuttings.            $ 6 each

AZALEA, established starters: Kakuo, kusianum (white & dark pink), satsuki (Chinsan, Nikko, Momo-no-haru)  primarily for bonsai use. Kakuo is described above. Satsukis chosen for smaller leaf and bloom, best for medium bonsai. Varieties and quantities vary annually.           $ 6 - 20 each

JAPANESE MAPLE, established starters: Koto Hime,  & occasionally others. Cutting grown. Not available every year. Please call.  $ 15 and up each      Also seedlings from best trees at Kyoto temples. Picked for fall color and small leaves.  $10-15

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