Maximize the fine detail of your bonsai with the finest solid copper training wire. Produced by the traditional fire annealing process, Adams' Bonsai copper wire is THE CHOICE of bonsai professionals and knowledgeable hobbyists in the eastern US. Now produced by Adams-McKinney Bonsai Wire. Bending limbs the best way for over thirty years. See copper wire pages for info.
I am pleased to get older every year but increasing age does limit my strength and energy. Production and sales of high quality plant material for bonsai continues. However, the emphasis is shifting to smaller and lighter things. Production of ground grown material has stopped and the prebonsai currently in the ground will not be replaced as they are dug and sold.
Top quality prebonsai plant material has often been hard to find. Adams' Bonsai propagates and grows plants solely for use in bonsai. Those special varieties for bonsai are trained from seed, cutting, or air layer to present the best possible characteristics for bonsai from roots to taper. Outstanding accents material is also produced. Variety, size, and quantities are variable. Please call to discuss your needs.
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Producing the larger material with fat trunks and great roots has been great fun but the labor and time required no longer makes sense for me. Production is being limited to smaller plants in varieties of personal interest such as Zuisho, J5NP, JBP, JRP, princess persimmon, Adams Arakawa trident, plus some Japanese maples, yatsubusa elms, cotoneaster, etc. The extra time is being used to do more teaching, writing, and refinement of my personal collection. I am more available for travel to give presentations to clubs. Sales of most hard goods have ended as there are many other sources for my customers. Accent plants, trace elements and soil/Turface are always in stock. As activities are adjusted, remaining larger finished trees and propagatoion stock may be available. Visitors are still welomed during the growing season but it is essential to make an appointment so that I can arrange my schedule to be present.