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Julian R. Adams is the sole proprietor and primary staff member of Adams' Bonsai. As with a bonsai, it is interesting to know a bit more of the "story". Thus, the links below will take you to information about Julian R. Adams. Some of this is bonsai related. Some of it is the rest of the story. The bonsai resume below is self explanatory. A recent article from Lynchburg Living Magazine offers another perspective. The dedication honors those who were instrumental in sending Mr. Adams down the path of bonsai. A listing of other activities and interests is also provided.
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Lynchburg, VA
Lynchburg Living Article
Activities and Interests
First saw a bonsai at Longwood Gardens in 1970.
Given first bonsai, Christmas, 1970. Still living and in the same pot.
Studied the few books on bonsai available locally.
Attended a 1973 Va. Bonsai Society workshop in Norfolk, Va. Styled first bonsai, a Scots pine literati, under the direction of Bill Valavanis.
Attended PBA symposia, International Bonsai Symposia, and other educational gatherings to study bonsai techniques.
Read virtually all bonsai texts and Magazines published and available in the US.
Began to grow and propagate bonsai stock due to lack of availability in Central Va.
Founded the Central Virginia Bonsai Society in 1985 to encourage the art of bonsai in the Lynchburg area. Membership has grown from 6 to 65.
Opened a small bonsai business to sell excess bonsai stock and to make pots, tools, and other bonsai supplies available in Central Virginia. This activity has developed into a licensed nursery specializing in the propagation of hardy varieties particularly suited for bonsai use and the development of advanced bonsai stock from these varieties. A sub specialty of this nursery is the propagation of hardy accent plant material.
Maintains a personal bonsai collection of more than fifty finished bonsai. Currently is growing over two thousand plants for bonsai or accent use. The collection and nursery stock consists primarily of temperate zone (outdoor) plants. Among these are a number of varieties of pine, maple, crabapple, elm, zelkova, hornbeam, beech, and chamaecyparis.
Writes and publishes the CVBS Newsletter since its beginning in 1985. Newsletter mailed to seven states.
Organized and presented 27 annual symposia for the CVBS featuring artists such as Bill Valavanis, Hiroyoshi Yamaji, Walter Pall, Jim Doyle, Peter Adams, Marian Gyllenswan, Jack Billet, Doris Froning, Harold Sasaki, Arthur Joura, and Jack Wikle. Assisted these artists in associated workshops.
A regular vendor at various bonsai gatherings such as PBA Spring Show, PBA fall Symposium, Mid Atlantic Bonsai Symposium, ABS annual convention (Columbus, Harrisburg), BCI International Convention (Memphis, Washington D.C.), Phoenix Bonsai Symposium (Kimura/Atlanta), the International Bonsai Fall Symposium (Rochester), and The US National Exhibitions.
Taught a beginning bonsai course at the Lynchburg Recreation Department each spring for several years.
As a workshop participant, studied under guidance of Valavanis, Oshima, Sasaki, Billet, Peter Adams, Keith Scott, Kathy Shaner, Kimura, Yamagi and others.
As a symposium participant, studied the bonsai teachings of Yoshimura, Kimura, Andrews, Gyllenswan, Froning, Naka, Rosade, Borchers, Pottberg, Koreshoff, Young, and many others.
Presented programs four or five times per year for the CVBS membership.
Presented programs for other bonsai clubs in Roanoke, Richmond, Norfolk, Northern VA and Maryland.
Three times featured speaker at the International Bonsai Fall Symposium in Rochester.
Featured artist at Ottawa Bonsai Society annual symposium (June 2001), Ft. Wayne, IN, Bonsai Society (June 2002), Nashville Bonsai Society Spring Show (April 2006).
Presented bonsai introduction programs to numerous local garden clubs.
Presented in depth programs to bonsai groups throughout North America
Authored articles on a variety of bonsai topics published in International Bonsai, BCI's BONSAI MAGAZINE, and BONSAI: Journal of the American Bonsai Society.
Selected for the WBFF Top 100 contest in 1999 (Scots pine), 2000 (yatsabusa elm), and 2006 (Scots pine).
Traveled to study bonsai: Japan and Korea (1997), Japan (Taikanten 2000, 2006), Japan (Kokufuten 2002, 2006, 2008) Goal is to advance my understanding of the art, horticulture and philosophy inherent in bonsai and to disseminate this information to others through writing, teaching, and other related bonsai activities.
Board member, National Bonsai Foundation.
Former board member & vice president, American Bonsai Society
Graduate of three day kaido display school taught by Kunio Kobayashi in Japan
Winner of best tree/pot combination at 1st National Bonsai Exhibition, Rochester 2008
Wrote and published "Growing Pines for Bonsai". 50 years of pine growing experiences revealed.
Many additional stuudy trips to bonsai events and nurseries in Japan.
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