Central Virginia Bonsai Society
Lynchburg, Virginia
BONSAI   Bonsai are miniature living trees in small containers, artfully shaped in to beautiful forms. A bonsai can evoke the image of a twisted weathered juniper, a venerable pine, a stately elm, or a stylized, imaginary tree. Bonsai are a form of sculpture because they exist in three dimensions. But, unlike traditional sculpture, bonsai have a fourth dimension. They are alive!! They grow and change with the seasons. Although bonsai may live for hundreds of years they are mortal and sooner or later will die. The word bonsai means shallow pot and tree. It may refer to the object (a miniature tree) or to the horticultural and aesthetic process used to create a bonsai.

CVBS PURPOSE   The Central Virginia Bonsai Society was founded in 1986 to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of bonsai in Central Virginia through education, participation, and mutual support of its members. There are usually four meetings in the spring and two meetings in the fall, coinciding with the most active times for working with bonsai. CVBS is cosponsored by the Lynchburg Recreation Department. Meetings are held at a variety of times and places. Notice of time, place, and topic is given through the newsletter. The meeting format is flexible but normally consists of a planned program for the main event followed by an opportunity for members to ask questions or present a problem plant for "group therapy". The diversity of interests of the membership makes it easy to find help with a special problem you may have with your trees.

CVBS BENEFITS   A number of benefits are available to CVBS members:
+ Workshops for instruction and hands on experience
+ Lectures and seasonal demonstrations including the annual Spring Symposium
+ Slides, films, and videos an all aspects of bonsai
+ Field trips
+ Locally produced newsletter with a variety of bonsai news and views
+ Fun and fellowship with a group of folks you might never meet otherwise who share your interest in bonsai
+ An opportunity to be creative and artistic while practicing the ultimate horticultural experience.

DUES Surplus funds from previous Spring Symposia, dues, and contributions have made it possible to temporarily suspend dues collection.  Those who would like to join are welcome to do so by detaching the application and mailing it with your check. The only requirement for membership is that you have an interest in bonsai. We hope you will join us.
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