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Julian R. Adams has been deeply immersed in growing pine bonsai for fifty years. His early work with pines was frustrating due to incomplete and conflicting information about pine culture for bonsai. Persistent investigation and growing has led to a deep understanding of how the two groups of pines used for bonsai should be treated by the grower in creating excellent bonsai. This book presents a clear picture of how both groups of pines grow and how they should be treated to achieve healthy plants with short needles. The techniques used are explained in detail with many full color photos of each important stage throughout the annual growing cycle.
Reasons for the actions recommended are given so that the "rules" become clear guides rather than mysterious commands. A major aim of this book is to make creating bonsai with pines an easily attainable goal for previously unexperienced or intimidated pine growers.
"Growing Pines for Bonsai" is an 8.5" x 11" soft cover book with 95 pages of text and full color photos. It has been produced and printed in Lynchburg, Va., by Adams' Bonsai. Availability is through Adams' Bonsai using the procedures below:
Price:  $25 USD per copy plus postage.
Priority postage in the US and territories is $9
International postage varies by country.
To order in the US:

. The book can be ordered by mail from 

Adams' Bonsai, 1721 Langhorne Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24503

or by email from Julian at

If by regular mail, send your request with your address and a check for $34.

If by email, send your request and address via email. In addition, send a Paypal “friends” transfer for $34 to

VA residents please add $1.33 VA sales tax

Unsolicited praise for Growing Pines for Bonsai

. "Before I forget I wanted to thank you for writing this book. It is well written and concise. It really is a textbook that I will refer to from now on. I have read through several times and will continue to refer to it throughout the seasons."

"I have read your book probably three times over from front to back, not to mention the countless times re reading the candle pruning sections to try to absorb it all. It was well put together with the information and pictures right by that chapter or section to make it almost impossible to misinterpret the information you have provided. I like how you explain the process, why you perform that procedure and then review that pruning process (and even included a little chart) at the end of the chapter. It has definitely made caring for these trees a lot less daunting. To be honest, you made me feel like I know what I’m doing. Lol... Just wanted to say thanks!"