Many bonsai tasks can be done with ordinary products commonly available in this country. Some bonsai jobs, however, can only be properly done with tools made for the purpose. These bonsai tools were designed and manufactured in Japan. Japan manufacturers the best special purpose bonsai tools. Other sources do not measure up to the japanaese quality. Adams’ Bonsai has offered Japanese bonsai tools for over 30 years. These are Yoshiaki brand, are of good quality, and are reasonably priced. Yoshiaki tools are endorsed by Kimura, "The Magician". I use them in my own bonsai work because they do their intended job well but are reasonably priced. I have never had a failure due to normal use. The economical price of these fine tools saves money for buying better bonsai stock and better pots. After all, the object of bonsai is to display a beautiful bonsai, not to own a very expensive set of tools. If used as intended and periodically cleaned and oiled, they will give many years of excellent service.
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8” CONCAVE PRUNER C-11: Often used bonsai tool. Very sharp. Concave cut heals with minimal scar. Cuts wood up to ½” diameter. Very long life with proper use.
8” KNOB CUTTER: Vital for large bonsai work. Quick, controlled wood removal from large limb stubs. Much better than concaves for this job. A personal favorite!
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7” WIRE/JIN PLIERS D-10:  Very useful in applying and removal of training wire, especially in tight places. Special jaw alignment, gripping grooves, and jaw leverage gives this tool an unsurpassable advantage over any domestic pliers. Helps with wire placement and controlled limb bending. I often use a pair in each hand when wiring. Also great for jin work.
8” WIRE CUTTER D-5: Made for bonsai use. Short jaws give needed leverage for easy removal of training wire without damage to tree. Vastly superior to hardware store cutters.
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BONSAI TWEEZERS: Stainless steel, angled tip. Many uses in addition to traditional weed removal. Jaws scored for good grip. Head serves as small trowel.
7” TRIMMING SHEAR A-2: Excellent for detail pruning. Reaches interior nicely. Spaced handles avoid accidental crushing. Very long life with proper use.
6.5” SPHERICAL CONCAVE PRUNER C-7: Extraordinarily useful. My favorite tool! Trims like a concave, nibbles like a knob cutter. Blade configuration allows for easy finishing of hard to reach spots. Great for shohin work too.
6 3/4” CONCAVE PRUNER C-10: Smaller version of C-11. Better suited to small hands and tight situations. Versatile! Very long life with proper use.
8” TRIMMING SHEAR A-4: Excellent for detail pruning. slightly larger than A-2. Larger loop handles are spaced to avoid accidental crushing. Very long life with proper use.
8 1/4" ROOT CUTTER F-2: Makes removal or pruning of major roots easy. Heavy cutting edges resist damage from soil grit. A great help when potting. Reduces the temptation to ruin concave pruner by use for root pruning.
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