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Items below from the November 5, 2020, CVBS Newsletter
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FROST!> If you havenít had frost yet, you will have it soon. So far, I have escaped a noticeable frost but I have moved vulnerable things to the safety of the studio or inside the house. The mister is decommissioned for the year, the water is cut off in the garden except to water, and the hose is drained daily after watering. All of the plants know that cold is very near. Leaves and needles have changed color or dropped as appropriate.
It is too early to put the trees in their winter locations but I will do that in two or three weeks, depending on the weather. A couple of hard freezes before putting them to bed will help assure that the trees are dormant and that small vermin will have nested elsewhere.
Before moving things into the studio, mostly Adams Arakawa trident cuttings and Zuisho cuttings, I hitched up my socks and gave the studio a pretty good cleaning. Stuff has accumulated to the point of being an annoyance since it was last cleaned outÖprobably a year ago. Buckets of used soil were consolidated into a 60 gallon can outside. Little plies of used copper were gathered into a single container. Used plastic pots were sorted, emptied, nested and stored with some semblance of order. A major improvement was to move the unused lift table into the basement. Two is too many for the studio. It wonít last long but Iím enjoying the space while I can.
Late last week we had substantial winds for several hours as the remnants of a hurricane passed through. Once or twice I though we might be blown off of the hill. The next morning I went to check my trees and found several blown over or off of their perch. Two had been partially tied down with inner tube strips. A twin trunk Zuisho hit the ground 9nine feet below after being buffeted so many times that the single tube slipped off of the root ball. Fortunately there was no damage to the tree or to the pot. My biggest and best shishigashira maple was suspended upside down over the edge of the deck shelf. The inner tube restraint had twisted around the trunk and it was still swaying in the wind when I found it. The tree and its Sara Raynor pot were both unscratched. Two miracles!!
Rooting efforts seem to have been very successful this year although the air layer success was near zero. Seeds sprouted fairly well but there was some damage by hungry caterpillars. I am worried about getting seeds for next year. It appears that there will be no exhibitions in Japan before spring. My limited contacts in Japan have not been helpful. I hope to have luck with a couple of large US seed brokers.
Iíve been having good success with limiting the deer population with my kill permit and my 20 gauge shotgun. Iíve never had trouble getting shells for the gun until now. I have been unable to find 20 gauge #3 buckshot anywhere in the US. No one knows when they will be back in stock. I only have 9 shots left. That will work through the fall but will never last until the spring bonsai eating season.
Be sure to check wired trees for marking. Late summer is when the wood goes on quickly. Iíve been taking off wire for a couple of weeksÖ.just in time.